Welcome to the SOOIPP conference

Ladies and Gentlemen,

from 24th to 26th May 2012, we invite you to the 23rd PBICA Annual Conference "SMART SPECIALISATION – THE ROLE OF INNOVATION AND BUSINESS CENTRES" organised in cooperation with Kielce Technology Park. This year, we would like to draw the participants' attention to the challenges faced by institutions and support systems in the context of the "Europe 2020" strategy and both economic and political tensions within the European Economic Area. In these conditions, the term of "smart specialisation" acquires significance as a new philosophy of attitude towards the strategy of innovative development of countries and regions. We need an enterprising process of identifying the fields of science, technology and business actions which can become the basis of comparative advantages and further development. These challenges are qualitatively new to the innovation and business centres and the support policy in the new period of programming. In this context, the main areas of discussion during the 23rd PBICA Conference will concern:

  • smart specialisation – new attitude towards implementation of development strategy;
  • presentation of new directions of the government's policy in the field of innovations and enterprise;
  • internationalisation of innovative entrepreneurship;
  • presentation of new forms of innovation support services;
  • initiation of cooperation and integration between scientific communities and entrepreneurs;
  • initiation of contacts and promotion of participation in the EU programmes;
  • experience exchange, integration of innovative entrepreneurship organizers and development of network relations among the support institutions;
  • search of directions of successful intervention in the new period of EU programming in the fields of innovation and enterprise.

As usual, the conference will be accompanied by seminars, meetings and fringe events. This year's Conference is of a unique character due to the PBICA's 20th anniversary. For 20 years, PBICA conferences have been a great plane for exchange of experience, opinions and inspirations for more and more efficient and mature actions and initiatives for modernisation of the country and development of knowledge-based economy. We will spare no effort to maintain the similar character of this year' meeting.

You are cordially invited.