Welcome to the SOOIPP conference

Ladies and Gentlemen,

On behalf of the Organisers, we are pleased to invite you to the 24th PBICA Annual Conference "INNOVATION FINANCING AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT" which will be held from 23th to 25th May 2013. This year's edition is organised in cooperation with Lodz Regional Park of Science and Technology and Center for Technology Transfer at the University of Lodz.

The aim of the conference is to exchange information and exhibit good practices in the field of financing and developing innovative activity at Innovation and Business Centres.

The Conference will be looking in particular at financing innovative activity of Innovation and Business Centres. During academic sessions, we intend to focus on the notion of innovativeness in the context of regional development.

The conference sessions will include presentations, discussions and exchange of views on strategic dimension of financing innovation in and development of SME sector. The sessions will also be a suitable occasion to present good practices in financing Innovation and Business Centres and SMEs. Not only has innovativeness contributed to the dynamic development of regions and internal cohesion within the European Union, but in the age of sudden technological changes and global competition, it has also become the basic driving force of economic growth. Different Polish regions have different development potential. Finding universal solutions and investments that will guarantee an increase of innovativeness presents special difficulties. Having determined their specialisations, regions would be able to focus on key forces driving their economic development. The second day of the conference will be devoted to workshop sessions covering measurement of effectiveness and standards of Innovation and Business Centres' activity.

As usual, the conference will be accompanied by seminars, meetings, trainings and fringe events. Guests will have an opportunity to participate in a tour of BioNanoPark – research and implementation centre for business, which is located at Lodz Regional Park of Science and Technology. For the third time, InnoFirma "Park Eagles" awards will be given, this time at the majestic Poznanski Palace in Lodz. We hope that the 24th PBICA Conference will provide you with unique networking opportunities and invigorating exchange of experience. It is out aim to inspire the attendees to take joint actions for regional development and innovative activity in their centres.

We will spare no effort to maintain a unique character of the 24th Conference.

See you in Lodz.